Starting another week closer to leaving!

After formation this morning, we had our weekly supply shop meeting to go over tasks in progress, dole out new tasks, recap completed tasks, etc.  Then I worked on credit card stuff until lunch and then I stitched after I ate.  After lunch was more stuff in supply and then at 1500 we had salsa band rehearsal.  It made for a pretty quick day.  Then I headed home and Robert got to open the package he got in the mail today.  Boy was he excited when he saw what it was!!  We got him a V-Tech Kidizoom Camera.  It’s a real camera designed for kids, and he had a great time taking pictures of everything around the house.  Ryan made dinner and after we ate, I got some laundry folded and then got another batch of laundry started.  After Robert was in bed, we watched the hockey game and I crocheted on a baby blanket.  GO WINGS!!!

Today’s high:  59
Current:  49


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