A day off??

Is it really a day off if you have to set your alarm for 0530, get up and into uniform, and be at Battalion by 0700??  They had a thing for those of us with redeployment pay issues (we get per diem while we’re deployed, and some people didn’t get paid at all and others (like me) didn’t get paid enough).  So they sorted through things and are resubmitting the settlement paperwork.  That took a little over an hour and I was back home and changed out of uniform before even Robert was up (he slept until almost 9 this morning – VERY unusual for him).  But I still had to get up on a day off.  😦

After we had eaten breakfast and done computer stuff and played for a little while, we headed to Watertown to bring tables back to the college – Ryan had borrowed them for the picnic on Saturday.  Then we stopped by Conley’s Rental Management to talk to them about our house.  We’re going to use them to manage our house as a rental after we move.  We got a really good warm and fuzzy from the owner’s wife (I guess she’s like co-owner) – they’ve got people looking for 4 bedroom houses!!!  So hopefully once we actually get to sit down and talk to the owner on Friday (he was out showing a couple of places), we might not have our house vacant for long.  It’ll be ready for occupancy as early as 10 July, and that would be really cool if there is someone moving in right after we move out.  Then we headed out to post so Ryan could get his new glasses from the place in the PX mall.  They look really nice on him, and he can see lots better now.  We ate lunch at the food court.

Once we got home, we got Ryan’s truck loaded up with stuff for him to take to the dump, and he and Robert headed out that way.  I dropped some clothes off at the drop-off barn in our church parking lot and then went and got a manicure and pedicure.  There was no one else in there, and I had both ladies working on me – one on my feet and one on my hands.  It sure was nice being pampered for a little while.  Then it was home to play and computer for a bit before making sloppy joes for supper.  Then we played for a bit more before Robert headed up to bed.  After he was in bed, I stitched on the project I thought I would finish tonight.  But I estimated I only had about an hour left to do on it.  Yeah right.  I spent 2 1/4 hours tonight, and still have probably 45 minutes or so left to go.  

Oh, you may be wondering why I had the day off today.  It was a recovery (aka comp) day for the parades last Monday and a couple of Saturdays ago.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  54

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