Lots done

Today was our early day.  After formation, we had some practice time to work on memorizing our marches for the parade on Monday.  I spent just about every minute working on mine.  I have a REALLY hard time memorizing stuff and I almost have Bravura down.  Of course, I only left time to play through Washington Post once and didn’t even look at the Division and Army Songs.  After that, we had an hour of Drill Band, marching without music.  It went fairly well for me, but I did mess up some turns, and I WAY missed a halt.  I marked time for I don’t know how many measures after the halt was given.  But without music, I have to concentrate so hard on the music that everything else suffers.  If I pay attention to the other stuff, I have to stop playing and then it takes me 8-12 measures to figure out where in the music I am.  I’ll just keep working on memorizing.  We were supposed to have Brass Quintet rehearsal after Drill Band, but our group leader cancelled it. 

For lunch we had a farewell luncheon at the Bowling Alley for SSG W who is moving to a new post.  We’ll be having quite a few farewell luncheons in the coming weeks.  Ryan and Robbie joined me – other wives joined their Soldiers as well.  After the lunch was done, I went to the gas station to get my car some lunch and then I stopped to bring a form to the transportation office for our move.  Then it was back to work to await PT time.  Or so I thought.  About an hour before PT was to happen we found out that there would be no PT and we’d be having a ceremonial band rehearsal for tomorrow morning’s job.  The rehearsal went well, and then we were done for the day.  I headed home, and after relaxing for a little bit and getting changed, I went out and played baseball with Robert for a while and then we went to the Chinese place for dinner.  After we got home, Robert and I got his toys cleaned up and then he had a bath.  While he was in the tub, I vaccuumed.  The living room and our bedroom look tons better now.  Of course, I had to unclog the vaccuum first.  There was all kinds of stuff stuck in the intake place and it wasn’t sucking.  I found a new use for a crochet hook – I used one of my hooks to dig the stuff out.  It worked really well!  And after that, the vaccuum worked really well as well.  After Robert was in bed, I got the ends tucked in on the crochet project that I finished last night.

Today’s high:  78!!
Current:  58

Long Day Yesterday, and the return of Grupo Histeria!!

Yesterday was a very long day.  I brought Robert to SF’s and then headed to work.  After formation, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that went ok.  It was good to be back in BQ.  During lunch I got a cross stitch project finished.  Then I spent the afternoon doing supply stuff.  I headed to pick Robbie up and when we got home, Ryan had just gotten home as well and was getting his truck unloaded.  I ordered pizza for us for supper.  After Robbie was in bed, I stitched and we watched some Tivo.  Ryan went to bed about 2345 or so and I played on my computer for a while.  About 0030 I headed back to work for a troop return ceremony.  The ceremony was supposed to start at 0200, but it ended up getting delayed and finally started about 0230.  I got home after the ceremony and finally got to bed about 0330.

I had this morning off until 1300, so I slept until about 1030.  I was actually awake at 0730, but no way am I going on 4 hours of sleep.  I did manage to get back to sleep though.  Once up, Robbie and I had breakfast – Ryan was still asleep, probably tired from the long drive.  I did computer stuff before heading to work.  Once at work, I did supply stuff for a while and then at 1500 we had salsa rehearsal.  It sure was good to be playing in Grupo Histeria again.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get a few gigs before the beginning of July.  Rehearsal went surprisingly well considering it’s been 2 months since our last gig.  After rehearsal was done, I was done for the day and I headed out to the mall to meet up with the guys.  Ryan had gone to the bookstore to get a new book and then we ate dinner at the food court.

Then it was home to play for a while and after Robbie was in bed I crocheted and we watched Tivo.  I finished a project but I need to tuck the ends in still.  I’ll do that tomorrow.

Today’s high:  67
Current:  57

Windy Sunday

Today was really windy still and pretty chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining.  Robbie and I got up and had breakfast and went to church.  Lots of people asked about Ryan.  It’s nice being in a church when they notice when someone isn’t there and ask about them.  Robbie was really excited about children’s church and kept asking about when it was throughout the service.  Several of the songs we sang made me think of my Joyful Noez friends again, especially one of them that our Ugandan JN member really liked and led when we sang it.  If anyone from Joyful Noez is reading this – hi to all of you and I miss you!!

After the service, we stayed for fellowship time and I visited with one of our snowbirds that is back for the summer.  Robbie played with a few of the other kids.  Then we left a bag of clothes in the donation shed – it goes to some church-related group for low income people and stuff.  It was all stuff that no longer fit me or Ryan.  Then it was home and after lunch, we had quiet time.  Robbie didn’t want to, but I think he did eventually sleep some.  I know I took a good nap again – I’m sure going to miss those during the week at work.  After quiet time was over, Robbie and I made chocolate chip cookies.  He’s going to take a dozen to SF’s tomorrow to share and the rest went in the cookie jar.  We didn’t really eat today – just kind of snacked on yogurt and carrots and stuff – not your typical snack foods.  In the evening we walked to the ice cream place despite the chilly weather.  And then it was home and I vacuumed the steps using our Dirt Devil hand-held vacuum that we got from Mom & Dad (thanks!  It works great) a couple of years ago – it’s their old one and we got them a new one.  The steps look a lot better now.  This coming week I’ll start tackling the rest of the vacuuming.  After cleaning up toys and stuff, it was off to bed for Robbie – and a phone call to Ryan who is on his way home from South Carolina now.  Once Robbie was in bed, I called Mom & Dad and then stitched and watched the Survivor finale.

Off to bed now – way late yet again.

Today’s high:  50
Current:  39 (and we’re under a freeze warning for tonight)

Armed Forces Day

This morning I was up and in uniform shortly after 8.  After a quick breakfast, I brought Robbie to SF’s and headed into Watertown to meet up with the rest of the Band for the Armed Forces Day Parade.  SF was going to bring all the kids to watch the parade.  But once I got to W-town, it was pouring rain.  I sat on the bus with the rest of the band for a while and JF called S and told her to turn around and go back home.  No sense in getting 5 kids sick in the rain and wind.  The decision was made to march with just brass and percussion.  The parade went pretty well considering the weather – and pretty short, too, at less than 2 miles.  We found out just before the parade that we were expected to do a ceremony right after the parade.    So we did it.  I’m glad I keep extra music in my flip folder so that I had the National Anthem with me.  The ceremony was to dedicate the fountain in the square.  It’s been redone and they turned the water on for the first time today.  Click here for A News Article about today’s events.  I’m in the picture, but I’m just behind/to the left of the drum major (as you’re looking at the pic).  You can kind of see the end of my trombone slide.  LOL

After the ceremony, the duty van driver brought Chief, SGT S, and myself back to the parade start point to get our vehicles.  As I was driving home, I heard an announcement on the radio that the #48 car of Jimmie Johnson was at one of the local car dealerships.  I knew Robbie would be disappointed about not getting to see Mommy march in the parade, so I decided to take him out to see the car – even though it was about a half hour drive away.  So I picked him up from SF’s and we stopped at home so I could change out of my soggy uniform.  We headed to the car dealership and boy did Robbie’s eyes light up when he saw the car!!  He was a little disappointed that Jimmie wasn’t there, but I told Robbie that Jimmie had a race tonight.  We each got a free hotdog as well while we were there.  I took a few pics of Robbie by the car.  He’s got kind of a strange smile because it was raining out and the thunder was a little scary.

Then we drove home a different way and we went to Bob Evans for lunch and then to Michaels for a few things.  Then it was home and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching Disney videos and playing.  It was STILL raining out.  What lovely weather for a Saturday.  Since we had had a pretty big late lunch, we just had a little bit of a snack in the evening.  After Robbie was in bed, I stitched and watched the NASCAR All-Star race that I had Tivo’ed.  Except I only got the first segment and half the second segment (out of 4) of the actual race because I didn’t know there were 2 different shows – one with the pre stuff and the other race before the race, and then the actual race.  So my Tivo didn’t record everything.  But I did find out who won and I’m not too happy about that.  😦  Boooo

Off to bed now – WAY late.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  47

On Pass

I was on pass today so I could bring my van to the shop for a new radiator.  I slept until about 8 and got up and grabbed a shower.  Robbie and I brought the van to the shop and then we walked home.  We stopped at the Church Street Diner for breakfast on our way.  Once home, I did computer stuff for a while and we watched cartoons.  Then I packed a lunch for us and we headed to the park for a picnic and then Robbie played for a while in the playground.  It was a lot of fun.  When we got home, we had quiet time.  Robbie didn’t want to have quiet time and he cried in his room for a little while, but before I put my magazine down before I fell asleep, it was quiet upstairs.  I slept for almost 2 hours and I had to wake Robbie up so we could go pick up the van.  Then we went to Subway for supper and afterward found another park with a playground, so we stopped and played for a while.  Once we got home, we had fudgsicles for a treat and we got the living room cleaned up.  We made our nightly phone call to Ryan and then I tucked Robbie into bed.  Once he was in bed, I folded some clothes and then I stitched.  Oh, and it was a beautiful day today!!!

Today’s high:  64
Current:  54



The great uniform switcheroo

This morning after dropping Robert (I need to remember to use his big-boy name) off at SF’s, I headed out to post for my transportation appointment.  I got all my information about packing and loading our household goods up for our move.  I got all the necessary paperwork and all kinds of stuff.  The packers will be here on 23 June and the movers will be here on 24 June.  Just a little over a month now. . .  After the appointment was over, I headed to work for our uniform inspection.  First up was our Class A’s, completely set up.  I had a few minor issues, but we really didn’t have much notice for the inspection – like we found out on Monday.  Then after A’s we had to change into our Dress Blues, just to check for fit.  We didn’t have to have them set up.  And then after the inspections were complete, I headed to my supply office and got changed into ACUs for the rest of the day.  It was a pretty busy day in supply and I got a lot accomplished.  I did go home for lunch today.  During the getting ready process this morning, I managed to forget to pack a lunch.  So I came home and did a little bit of research on the new Army Service Uniform and then made myself an egg salad sandwich.  Then it was back to supply for the afternoon, and we got a lot of things done.  I’m down to only one task on our supply tasking board, so that’s a good thing.  It was a little after 1700 when I left – the afternoon went by quick because we were so busy.  That was kind of nice.  I picked Robert up from SF’s and he had had another really good day with her.  We went to McDonald’s for dinner and then to the grocery store for a few things.  And then since he’s been being so good at S’s, we stopped at the ice cream place for a small treat.  And then when we got home, he was still hungry (after 6 chicken nuggets and fries and chocolate milk at McD’s and an ice cream cone), so he had a yogurt.  How many 4-year-olds like yogurt and apples and grapes better than cookies and candy and chips????  And he asks for water to drink all the time.  I’m definitely not complaining, though.  We played for a little while and then he took a bath and we called Ryan and talked for a while.  Once Robert was in bed, I crocheted and watched some Tivo.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  60

Sergeants’ Time Training

This morning was an early morning.  I was up and getting ready shortly after 0500 and about 0550 I went up and woke Robbie up and got him dressed.  We headed out the door to SF’s house.  Robbie was really shy at first and didn’t even want to come in the house from the porch.  But we got him in the living room and showed him all their books and toys and after several hugs, I left to go to work.  After 0700 formation, we had a short class on Respect and Professionalism, and then we had an hour and a half of individual practice time to look at our marches for Saturday’s parade.  Then we had an hour and a half of shop training time.  We had some really good training in supply.  Several of us have been through it before, but it was new for most everyone.  Today’s was just on the basics of working in the supply shop – acronymns, various jobs, etc.  SFC P, our shop head did most of the training, but when he had to leave for a meeting, he left me in charge.  It went well, I think.  And then we finished off the morning with some more drill band to get ready for the parade.  

I got some stitching done during lunch and I also took about a 15 minute nap because I was so tired.  After lunch I went and picked up my Class A jacket from the alterations shop and went to the shoppette and got some more water since I had consumed my entire 2.3 liter water bottle by the end of lunch.  I got some work done with the government travel cards and then it was time for PT.  I went for a 3.36 mile run in 35:43.  It was SLOW today, but my tummy wasn’t feeling so good either.  At least I got out and did some.  Once I was done running, I did 150 crunches and stretched out really good before heading home.  I picked Robbie up from SF’s and he had had a great time.  It only took about 10 minutes after I left and he was fine.  He even ate 3 pb & j sandwiches for lunch.  My little piggy!  LOL  He’s definitely his Daddy’s boy in that aspect.  Once we got home, I got the lawn mower gassed up and ready to go, and it surprised me by starting on the first pull!  I mowed the lawn and then made fish sticks and mixed veggies for dinner.  My little piggy ate 10 fish sticks – leaving me only 9.  He had a dish of ice cream after he had finished all of his food.

Once he was in bed, I got all my ribbons ready for tomorrow and then crocheted.  I’m off to bed now, but I still need to get my ribbons on my Class A uniform, find my uniform shoes, and make sure I have all my Class A and Dress Blue parts ready to go for tomorrow’s inspection.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  57

Drill Band and supply stuff

Today was a pretty good day. We had drill band after formation for a little over an hour. We did the basics at first – just marching with left and right turns and a few practice instrument ups (from the roll-off) and downs. Then we added playing in. It actually wasn’t too bad but we still have some work to do before Saturday’s parade. After drill band was done, I brought my Class A uniform jacket to the alterations shop to have new service stripes (we get one for every 3 years, and I hit 9 years last summer in Iraq) and combat stripes (one for every 6 months, so I added 2) to my sleeves to get ready for our Class A inspection on Thursday. Then it was lunchtime and after I ate, I stitched. Then after lunch, I checked some keys to quad cons and was able to toss some keys that don’t go to any of the 6 we have here and I know they don’t go to any of the 10 that are on their way back here from Iraq because we put brand new locks on all of them. Then I did some more work with the government travel cards and was finally able to submit a few new applications. That took most of the rest of the afternoon, and about 1600 I went for a 3.39 mile run – just to the fence and back. It took me 34:45, a 10:15 pace. I had thought it felt faster than last week when I ran it, but I guess running into the wind on the way back slowed me down a little. At least I didn’t start out too fast this time and I kept a fairly steady pace the whole time. When I finished the run, I did 175 crunches. I need to get back into doing them everyday – I’m like 1000 behind from where I need to be for my 100-a-day challenge I’m doing with . I’ll get caught up eventually.

Then it was home for dinner and playtime. Ryan was finishing loading his truck when I got home, and he cooked breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage. It sure is nice not having to cook all the time!! After dinner, Ryan finished getting ready, and Robbie had a dish of ice cream before bed. Ryan got on the road for his trip to South Carolina for Celebrate Freedom. It’s his biggest living history event of the year and we always try and make sure he can get to it. He’ll stop part way tonight to sleep for a while and then get there tomorrow. The event isn’t until Friday and Saturday, but he always goes early if he can so he can help set up and get everything ready. I crocheted and watched TV, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high: 61
Current: 43

A full day

Today was a full day at work.  After formation, I headed over to the supply office and got on a computer and figured out the Government Travel Card stuff on the new system.  I pretty much spent until lunch doing that.  Lunch was good – my usual of yogurt, Sun Chips, applesauce, and a 100 calorie snack pack of cookies – and then I stitched.  After lunch I did more of the travel card stuff, took a trip to the child care center to cancel my reservation for hourly care later in the week.  Our schedule has changed both days I was going to use hourly care, and it completely threw my plans out the window.  But now I have better plans as SF, wife of one of my coworkers will be watching Robbie for the 2 days that I need.  She has 4 kids of her own and one more on the way and I know Robbie will have a great time there.  Then I did some supply work on the computer and completed one of my tasks SFC P had for me before I even knew that he had written it on our board in the office.  He had barely written it on the board, and I handed him the completed task.  It was about 1630 by the time I left work – didn’t get my run in after work like I had wanted to.  I drove by SF’s house on my way home to make sure I know where it is.  Then it was home and after I got changed, I played baseball with Robbie for a while.  Ryan was getting his stuff ready for his trip to South Carolina.  Then I saw my rollerblades under the counter in the kitchen and decided to try them out after over 5 years of not being on them.  Robbie ran with me and we went around the block a few times.  I didn’t fall, so I guess that’s a good thing.  I need to go out on them more often – good workout.  And Robbie enjoyed running with me.  Ryan cooked mac & cheese for dinner.  After we ate and had the table cleared, Robbie and I made some oatmeal raisin cookies so Ryan can take some with him.  That’s his favorite kind of cookie.  Robbie likes helping me cook, and even though it takes a little longer with everything, it was a lot of fun!!  Now if only I can find our cow aprons that ED sent us before I deployed.  I wonder where they’re hiding.  Hmm. . .  After Robbie was in bed and the cookies were done, I stitched some and we watched Tivo shows from Thursday night.

It’s past my bedtime now.  Good night.

Today’s high:  56
Current:  41

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, but especially to my Mom and Grandma!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

This morning I played in church.  I played Softly & Tenderly twice through, immediately into Great is Thy Faithfulness, and then ended with the chorus of Softly & Tenderly.  I put it together last night, ran through it a few times this morning before church, and then played during the offering.  I always enjoy playing in church when I get the opportunity.  Oh, and all the women 18 and over (mostly mothers and grandmothers, but some just mother-like) got a small gift this morning.  It was a bottle of hand lotion with some devotional-type things.  I thought that was pretty neat.  After the service was done, we headed to the Golden Unicorn for their Mother’s Day buffet, but found out it didn’t start until 2.  So we went home for a little while, during which time I had to change into uniform.  We headed back for the buffet and had our fill of ham, cornish hen, mashed potatoes (and gravy for Ryan), corn, green beans, stuffing, and dinner rolls.  And there was strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It was really good.  Then we headed out to post and Ryan and Robbie dropped me off at the band hall.  I had a troop return ceremony to play at.  They went shopping at the PX for a while and then headed to the gym.  They didn’t have anything else to do, so they went to the ceremony.  Once it was over, they met me back at the band hall and after I got my trombone put away, we headed home, stopping at the grocery store on our way.  After I put the groceries away, Robbie helped me empty the dishwasher and then I loaded and ran it.  Then we played for a little while, and Robbie had a dish of ice cream before he went to bed.  No walk to the ice cream store this week since it was raining out.  After he was in bed, I called Mom & Dad and stitched, and then when I was done on the phone, we watched TV.  We’re a little behind on our Tivo’ed shows – we just watched last Wednesday’s last night.  So we haven’t seen Survivor from last Thursday or tonight’s Amazing Race yet.

Off to bed now.  Tomorrow begins another week.

Today’s high:  48
Current:  44