I got up about 0930 this morning and that was nice being able to sleep in.  Robert had already had a poptart when I got up, and I had one as well.  We headed to church and they actually had Communion this morning!  The Nazarene Church doesn’t have Communion very often.  I sure miss having it every week, or at least every other week.  Soon we’ll be back to going to a Lutheran Church again. . .  After the service, they had a soup and sandwich lunch so we stayed for that.  Then we headed into Watertown to go to Herb Philipsons for something for Ryan and then to Michaels for a little stitching kit for Robert.  There was a plastic canvas kit with a heart, a star, and a rainbow in it and that’s what we got.  Then we stopped at the grocery store on our way home for a few groceries.  After I had put the groceries away, I went up and folded a few batches of laundry, gathered up the dirty clothes, and went and got laundry started.  Then I sat with Robert and he started working on the heart. He started with yellow and after the first piece of yarn, he wanted green.  So we started green but then he didn’t want to stitch anymore so we put it away.  He did really good for his first time.  Hopefully he’ll keep at it, and someday he’ll be able to stitch without me helping him on every stitch.  We watched the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed and eventually I made supper.  After we ate, Robert got his toys cleaned up and I cleaned out the litter box.  After Robert was in bed, I called Mom and Dad except Dad was working on putting in a new water pump so I only talked to Mom for a little while.  And I stitched.  I should be able to have a finish tomorrow evening!!

Today’s high:  53, and super windy.  Again, when is it going to be summer?
Current:  44

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