The oddest thing happened this morning

So there I was laying wide awake in my bed this morning.  I thought it must be raining pretty hard out since it was pretty dark.  I looked at my watch – 0450.  WHAT??????  How am I wide awake at 0450 in the morning???  I shut my eyes to go back to sleep.  Nothing.  And then I had to do what most people do when they first wake up in the morning.  Back to bed, shut my eyes.  It’s only 0500 so I’m going to sleep longer.  Nope.  So after laying in bed for a little bit trying to find sleep, I headed downstairs and took out my stitching.  Yes, I had my stitching out at shortly after 5 in the morning.  It was actually kind of nice.  The house was sooooooooooooooo quiet!!  Around 6 I was going to get changed and go for a run, but Mother Nature had other plans.  Just as I was getting up, the sky opened up and dumped yet more rain on us.  So I sat back down and stitched some more.  I did 1 3/4 hours this morning and got a lot accomplished with no distractions.  Finally a little after 7 I headed back upstairs and read for a little while, did some crunches, and got into uniform for the day.

Robert and I had breakfast together and then I checked my e-mail and stuff before heading to work.  We played at a deployment ceremony this morning, and formation was a little earlier than usual because of that.  The ceremony was short, and I’m glad.  It was in the gym and it was HOT and muggy in there.  The way I was sweating I felt like I should have been on the field in the middle of July.  After the ceremony, I did a tiny bit of work in supply before heading to our farewell luncheon for NJ and JS.  Ryan and Robert joined me for lunch.  Since there were so many of us, and we all were ordering off a menu, and the place we were at is short-staffed, it took quite a while for everyone to get their food, so it was a long lunch.  After we got back to the band hall, we had a little less than an hour before job formation for our afternoon job – the monthly retirement cermeony.  The ceremony went well – about an hour with 20 Soldiers retiring.  Once we were done with the job, we were done for the day – and the 3-day weekend!!!  Monday is a recovery day for us for the parade on Monday and a couple of Saturdays ago.  I headed home, and after relaxing for a bit and getting changed out of uniform, we went to Pizza Hut for pizza night.  Robert had gotten a certificate for a free personal kids’ pizza from the reading thing they did at school last month.  They had to read (with parents) 4 books a week during April and they got the certificate.  That was easy for us, since we read a book every night at bedtime and therefore read at least 7 books a week.

Once we got home, Robert got his toys cleaned up, we filled the bird feeder (although it’s not nearly full – ran out of birdseed), and then he headed up to bed.  I stitched for a while more and we watched The Bucket List.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  56

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