Two BQ gigs

Rain, rain, rain. That’s what we had today. We were supposed to have drill band after formation this morning, but it got cancelled because of the rain. We had shop training time instead, and we had some good discussion/training going on in the supply shop. I left before it was done as I had a Brass Quintet gig. We played for a Change of Command for the CID detachment here. At the end of the ceremony, we got coins. We were then done for most the day and were on job prep time for our next gig. I went back to supply to wrap up a few things and then I met my guys for lunch at one of the little restaurants on post. And then we all came home. We had quiet time today, and of course, Robert didn’t want to go up. I did stuff on my computer for a little while, but then I went up and took a nap as well. I woke up to a little boy snuggling next to me. 🙂 Then I got my Class A uniform set up – Robert helped me. Once my uniform was set up, I got changed and headed out the door to go back for BQ gig number 2 of the day. We played for a dinner AUSA was having. It was a pretty short gig – just 3 patriotic tunes and then the National Anthem and then we left. Ryan had mac & cheese ready when I got home so we could eat. Actually Robert cooked with just a little bit of help from Daddy. After we ate and got cleaned up, we measured a few windows that we’re putting shades in and then Robert headed up to bed. I crocheted and watched the Tribute to George Strait on tv.

Today’s high: 57
Current: 57

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