Quick day

Today was a civvies day so I didn’t have to wear my uniform or put my hair up.  That sure was nice!  We do civvies days as fundraisers to help pay for plaques for Soldiers departing the unit.  E4s pay $4, E5s pay $5, E6s pay $6, etc.  After formation, we had a supply meeting in our office to talk about tasks in progress, new tasks, etc.  Then I did some checking on government credit card stuff and got another application faxed off.  By then it was almost lunch time.  During lunch after I ate, I stitched for a while.  The afternoon went by fairly quickly with 2 hours of Brass Quintet rehearsal (our only rehearsal 3 gigs in 48 hours) and an hour and a half of salsa rehearsal.  Both went well.  I checked back in supply and there was nothing for me so I headed home.  Ryan made breakfast for supper and after we ate we went grocery shopping.  After Robert was in bed, I crocheted on another baby blanket.

Today’s high:  67
Current:  57

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