The pool, yard work, church, play time, & ice cream

Last night I was sooooooooo tired that when I tried to type my blog entry, it made no sense whatsoever.  So I gave up and went to bed instead.  Yesterday morning, after sleeping in, Robert and I made cinnamon streusel muffins for breakfast.  He sure enjoys cooking with me.  After a little while, we headed out to post and spent probably an hour and a half or so playing in the pool at the gym.  We all had a lot of fun, and Robert even floated on his own a little bit.  They have the flotation vests for kids to wear in the pool if they want, so Robert got one of the "magic vests".  When we were done at the pool, we headed to the PX mall so Ryan could order new glasses, we ate lunch at the food court, did some shopping at the PX, and I picked up my uniforms from the cleaners/alterations shop.  After we were done at the PX, we tried to go to a new car wash that’s on the airfield side of post, but they didn’t take credit cards and the Shoppette there was closed so we couldn’t get to the ATM to get money.  So we headed home.  I got the lawnmower out and Ryan used the weedeater and we got the yard looking nice.  Robert played with a squirt gun while we were doing our yard work.    Since we had had a late lunch, we weren’t really hungry for dinner.  Robert had a yogurt before he headed up to bed.  Once he was in bed, I stitched and we watched the NASCAR Nationwide Series race.

This morning we were up for church – good service as always.  Then afterwards, we heeaded into Watertown for lunch at Applebees.  Once we got back home, we changed into play clothes and we played outside.  We played baseball, yard tennis (kids lawn game we have – Robert and I just hit the ball back and forth), and golf.  Ryan joined us on the golf, and I even dug out one of my irons.  Ryan has some foam-like practice balls and we were all taking turns hitting them toward the house.  We were outside for a couple of hours.  Dinner tonight was served at the ice cream shop – our weekly Sunday walk and treat.  Then it was home to play for a little while more before bathtime for Robert.  Once he was in bed, I stitched and we tried to watch the NASCAR race, but it was postponed until noon tomorrow because of rain.

Time for bed now – early morning tomorrow for a parade.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  55

One thought on “The pool, yard work, church, play time, & ice cream

  1. Ice Cream for Supper

    For those who wonder – Mom would say it was OK to have ice cream for supper.

    Hugs, MOM

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