Nothing accomplished

I slept until about 0800 this morning – and I was actually up before Robert was!  That doesn’t happen very often.  He’s usually up about 0700 or 0730.  He must have been tired.  So nothing we had planned on doing today got done.  We were very lazy.  It was kind of nice to have a lazy and relaxing day, but we have soooo much that needs to get done before it’s time for our house to be packed up next month.  Mid-afternoon, we went to Kinney Drugs to get a few things and then to the Post Office to mail a few things.  Then we headed into Watertown.  We went to the newspaper office and Ryan did an ad for his truck.  It will go in the classifieds of 4 newspapers and online.  Hopefully we can get it sold.   Anyone want to buy a 2003 Ford Ranger, 2WD??  We had some time to kill before Ryan’s eye doctor appointment, and we saw that the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum was right next door.  So we went in and it was only $7 for the 3 of us to get in.  Robert was free, Ryan was $3 (student discount) and I was $4 (military discount).  It was pretty interesting, and in one of the rooms there were 3 or 4 cross stitched samplers from the mid-1800’s.  That was neat seeing those.  We found out there are a few buildings in the back as well that are part of the historical collection, but we had to get going for Ryan’s appointment.  We’ll definitely have to go back there sometime when we have a bit more time.  The eye doctor’s office had a small table with books and crayons and stuff for kids, and Robert enjoyed reading and coloring.  I stitched during Ryan’s appointment.  I had to drive after since he had his eyes dilated.  We went out to the back side of post because there was supposedly a new Mexican restaurant there, but when we found it, it turned out to just be a trailer-concession-like place.  And not even open.  So we went to KFC instead.  I tried their new grilled chicken.  It wasn’t bad.  Then it was home and we got all the toys cleaned up and once Robert was in bed, I stitched and we watched TV.

Today’s high:  67
Current:  53

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