Safety Day

Today was Safety Day on Ft. Drum, in preparation for the 4-day holiday weekend.  There was a Safety Day run this morning to kick things off, so it made for an early morning for the band.  We played for the run, so we had an early formation to be ready.  After the run, several of us went to the chow hall for breakfast.  Then it was back for formation at our normal time.  We had our safety briefing and then it was just office work or practice until 1045 – and finish up vehicle inspections if they weren’t done already, but the Brass Quintet’s were done yesterday.  So I went to my supply office and checked some of the new government credit card applications to see if they’d been approved yet.  Shortly before 1100 I headed to the gym for the Safety displays.  There were all kinds of agencies that had tables set up with free stuff and information.  There was one that was doing feet tests to see what kind of running shoes you should be wearing.  I did that.  They had paper on an inked thing and you walked across it and it made an imprint of your foot – kind of like the wet test.  Then the doctor there looked at it and talked to you about your foot type and what type of running shoe is best for your foot type.  Mine came back that I should be wearing Motion Control shoes, and that’s exactly what I wear with my Asics Gel Foundation 8 shoes.

After I had looked at all the displays and stuff and picked up some freebies, I headed back to the band hall to hang out until we knew what was going on this afternoon.  I e-mailed my sponsor at Ft. Huachuca, did some other stuff online, got an e-mail back from my sponsor.  Then we found out we would be having formation at 1500.  By that time, I was already over at the admin building where we’ve been having our formations (our rehearsal hall is being renovated) since I had been told that there was going to be information put out after the seniors’ meeting.  I ready my book until formation time, and after the information was put out, we were done for the day.  I headed home, and after getting changed, we went to the Golden Unicorn for an early dinner and then to the grocery store for some food.

Once Robbie was in bed, I grabbed a shower and then I stitched for a little while.  And now I’m heading to bed cuz I’m tired from the late nights and early mornings the past couple of days.

Today’s high:  81
Current:  67

2 thoughts on “Safety Day

  1. That sounds like such a cool test! I’m glad you’re wearing the right kind of shoes; we need to make sure our feet stay in ok shape for the marathon! 🙂

    • It took longer for me to take my boots off and put them back on than the whole test itself took. It was nice to have the confirmation that I’m wearing the right shoes.

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