Windy Sunday

Today was really windy still and pretty chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining.  Robbie and I got up and had breakfast and went to church.  Lots of people asked about Ryan.  It’s nice being in a church when they notice when someone isn’t there and ask about them.  Robbie was really excited about children’s church and kept asking about when it was throughout the service.  Several of the songs we sang made me think of my Joyful Noez friends again, especially one of them that our Ugandan JN member really liked and led when we sang it.  If anyone from Joyful Noez is reading this – hi to all of you and I miss you!!

After the service, we stayed for fellowship time and I visited with one of our snowbirds that is back for the summer.  Robbie played with a few of the other kids.  Then we left a bag of clothes in the donation shed – it goes to some church-related group for low income people and stuff.  It was all stuff that no longer fit me or Ryan.  Then it was home and after lunch, we had quiet time.  Robbie didn’t want to, but I think he did eventually sleep some.  I know I took a good nap again – I’m sure going to miss those during the week at work.  After quiet time was over, Robbie and I made chocolate chip cookies.  He’s going to take a dozen to SF’s tomorrow to share and the rest went in the cookie jar.  We didn’t really eat today – just kind of snacked on yogurt and carrots and stuff – not your typical snack foods.  In the evening we walked to the ice cream place despite the chilly weather.  And then it was home and I vacuumed the steps using our Dirt Devil hand-held vacuum that we got from Mom & Dad (thanks!  It works great) a couple of years ago – it’s their old one and we got them a new one.  The steps look a lot better now.  This coming week I’ll start tackling the rest of the vacuuming.  After cleaning up toys and stuff, it was off to bed for Robbie – and a phone call to Ryan who is on his way home from South Carolina now.  Once Robbie was in bed, I called Mom & Dad and then stitched and watched the Survivor finale.

Off to bed now – way late yet again.

Today’s high:  50
Current:  39 (and we’re under a freeze warning for tonight)

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