The great uniform switcheroo

This morning after dropping Robert (I need to remember to use his big-boy name) off at SF’s, I headed out to post for my transportation appointment.  I got all my information about packing and loading our household goods up for our move.  I got all the necessary paperwork and all kinds of stuff.  The packers will be here on 23 June and the movers will be here on 24 June.  Just a little over a month now. . .  After the appointment was over, I headed to work for our uniform inspection.  First up was our Class A’s, completely set up.  I had a few minor issues, but we really didn’t have much notice for the inspection – like we found out on Monday.  Then after A’s we had to change into our Dress Blues, just to check for fit.  We didn’t have to have them set up.  And then after the inspections were complete, I headed to my supply office and got changed into ACUs for the rest of the day.  It was a pretty busy day in supply and I got a lot accomplished.  I did go home for lunch today.  During the getting ready process this morning, I managed to forget to pack a lunch.  So I came home and did a little bit of research on the new Army Service Uniform and then made myself an egg salad sandwich.  Then it was back to supply for the afternoon, and we got a lot of things done.  I’m down to only one task on our supply tasking board, so that’s a good thing.  It was a little after 1700 when I left – the afternoon went by quick because we were so busy.  That was kind of nice.  I picked Robert up from SF’s and he had had another really good day with her.  We went to McDonald’s for dinner and then to the grocery store for a few things.  And then since he’s been being so good at S’s, we stopped at the ice cream place for a small treat.  And then when we got home, he was still hungry (after 6 chicken nuggets and fries and chocolate milk at McD’s and an ice cream cone), so he had a yogurt.  How many 4-year-olds like yogurt and apples and grapes better than cookies and candy and chips????  And he asks for water to drink all the time.  I’m definitely not complaining, though.  We played for a little while and then he took a bath and we called Ryan and talked for a while.  Once Robert was in bed, I crocheted and watched some Tivo.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  60


One thought on “The great uniform switcheroo

  1. my son prefers the apple fries at any restaurant…or the oranges, or any fruit over the french fries. He WILL eat chocolate, but if I suggest fruit, he’ll take that without question or pause!!!

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