Sergeants’ Time Training

This morning was an early morning.  I was up and getting ready shortly after 0500 and about 0550 I went up and woke Robbie up and got him dressed.  We headed out the door to SF’s house.  Robbie was really shy at first and didn’t even want to come in the house from the porch.  But we got him in the living room and showed him all their books and toys and after several hugs, I left to go to work.  After 0700 formation, we had a short class on Respect and Professionalism, and then we had an hour and a half of individual practice time to look at our marches for Saturday’s parade.  Then we had an hour and a half of shop training time.  We had some really good training in supply.  Several of us have been through it before, but it was new for most everyone.  Today’s was just on the basics of working in the supply shop – acronymns, various jobs, etc.  SFC P, our shop head did most of the training, but when he had to leave for a meeting, he left me in charge.  It went well, I think.  And then we finished off the morning with some more drill band to get ready for the parade.  

I got some stitching done during lunch and I also took about a 15 minute nap because I was so tired.  After lunch I went and picked up my Class A jacket from the alterations shop and went to the shoppette and got some more water since I had consumed my entire 2.3 liter water bottle by the end of lunch.  I got some work done with the government travel cards and then it was time for PT.  I went for a 3.36 mile run in 35:43.  It was SLOW today, but my tummy wasn’t feeling so good either.  At least I got out and did some.  Once I was done running, I did 150 crunches and stretched out really good before heading home.  I picked Robbie up from SF’s and he had had a great time.  It only took about 10 minutes after I left and he was fine.  He even ate 3 pb & j sandwiches for lunch.  My little piggy!  LOL  He’s definitely his Daddy’s boy in that aspect.  Once we got home, I got the lawn mower gassed up and ready to go, and it surprised me by starting on the first pull!  I mowed the lawn and then made fish sticks and mixed veggies for dinner.  My little piggy ate 10 fish sticks – leaving me only 9.  He had a dish of ice cream after he had finished all of his food.

Once he was in bed, I got all my ribbons ready for tomorrow and then crocheted.  I’m off to bed now, but I still need to get my ribbons on my Class A uniform, find my uniform shoes, and make sure I have all my Class A and Dress Blue parts ready to go for tomorrow’s inspection.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  57

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