Drill Band and supply stuff

Today was a pretty good day. We had drill band after formation for a little over an hour. We did the basics at first – just marching with left and right turns and a few practice instrument ups (from the roll-off) and downs. Then we added playing in. It actually wasn’t too bad but we still have some work to do before Saturday’s parade. After drill band was done, I brought my Class A uniform jacket to the alterations shop to have new service stripes (we get one for every 3 years, and I hit 9 years last summer in Iraq) and combat stripes (one for every 6 months, so I added 2) to my sleeves to get ready for our Class A inspection on Thursday. Then it was lunchtime and after I ate, I stitched. Then after lunch, I checked some keys to quad cons and was able to toss some keys that don’t go to any of the 6 we have here and I know they don’t go to any of the 10 that are on their way back here from Iraq because we put brand new locks on all of them. Then I did some more work with the government travel cards and was finally able to submit a few new applications. That took most of the rest of the afternoon, and about 1600 I went for a 3.39 mile run – just to the fence and back. It took me 34:45, a 10:15 pace. I had thought it felt faster than last week when I ran it, but I guess running into the wind on the way back slowed me down a little. At least I didn’t start out too fast this time and I kept a fairly steady pace the whole time. When I finished the run, I did 175 crunches. I need to get back into doing them everyday – I’m like 1000 behind from where I need to be for my 100-a-day challenge I’m doing with . I’ll get caught up eventually.

Then it was home for dinner and playtime. Ryan was finishing loading his truck when I got home, and he cooked breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage. It sure is nice not having to cook all the time!! After dinner, Ryan finished getting ready, and Robbie had a dish of ice cream before bed. Ryan got on the road for his trip to South Carolina for Celebrate Freedom. It’s his biggest living history event of the year and we always try and make sure he can get to it. He’ll stop part way tonight to sleep for a while and then get there tomorrow. The event isn’t until Friday and Saturday, but he always goes early if he can so he can help set up and get everything ready. I crocheted and watched TV, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high: 61
Current: 43

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