A full day

Today was a full day at work.  After formation, I headed over to the supply office and got on a computer and figured out the Government Travel Card stuff on the new system.  I pretty much spent until lunch doing that.  Lunch was good – my usual of yogurt, Sun Chips, applesauce, and a 100 calorie snack pack of cookies – and then I stitched.  After lunch I did more of the travel card stuff, took a trip to the child care center to cancel my reservation for hourly care later in the week.  Our schedule has changed both days I was going to use hourly care, and it completely threw my plans out the window.  But now I have better plans as SF, wife of one of my coworkers will be watching Robbie for the 2 days that I need.  She has 4 kids of her own and one more on the way and I know Robbie will have a great time there.  Then I did some supply work on the computer and completed one of my tasks SFC P had for me before I even knew that he had written it on our board in the office.  He had barely written it on the board, and I handed him the completed task.  It was about 1630 by the time I left work – didn’t get my run in after work like I had wanted to.  I drove by SF’s house on my way home to make sure I know where it is.  Then it was home and after I got changed, I played baseball with Robbie for a while.  Ryan was getting his stuff ready for his trip to South Carolina.  Then I saw my rollerblades under the counter in the kitchen and decided to try them out after over 5 years of not being on them.  Robbie ran with me and we went around the block a few times.  I didn’t fall, so I guess that’s a good thing.  I need to go out on them more often – good workout.  And Robbie enjoyed running with me.  Ryan cooked mac & cheese for dinner.  After we ate and had the table cleared, Robbie and I made some oatmeal raisin cookies so Ryan can take some with him.  That’s his favorite kind of cookie.  Robbie likes helping me cook, and even though it takes a little longer with everything, it was a lot of fun!!  Now if only I can find our cow aprons that ED sent us before I deployed.  I wonder where they’re hiding.  Hmm. . .  After Robbie was in bed and the cookies were done, I stitched some and we watched Tivo shows from Thursday night.

It’s past my bedtime now.  Good night.

Today’s high:  56
Current:  41


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