This morning started off with PT formation again – no more unit formations for PT.  It’s going to be Team accountability for PT from now on, so that’s nice.  After PT, I got the trash out to the street for pickup and I made breakfast for Robbie and myself.  The guys headed off to school about the same time that I headed back for work.  After formation, we had a short ceremonial band rehearsal for the troop return ceremonies this weekend.  I’m on one of them, and it was nice being back playing in an ensemble again.  After rehearsal was done, I played through some of my scales since I haven’t brought any of my music to work yet.  During lunch, I stitched after I ate.  We were supposed to have drill band after lunch, but we didn’t since it was raining out.  I did some mandatory training for computer stuff, and I don’t know what else for the afternoon.  I did get to Battalion to the Mail Room and my welcome packet from Ft. Huachuca arrived!!!!!!  It was a really good welcome packet with lots of great information in it, and my uniform patches as well!  That’s really nice.  I gave me sponsor a call to let her know that I got it finally (it was mailed on 24 April).  Then at the end of the day, I had an orientation at the child care center on post – mandatory before you can you Child & Youth Services.  I’ll be using hourly care a little next week when Ryan’s gone to South Carolina.  Then it was home and the guys got home just after I did.  They had brought the cake to church.  We had a free community meal this evening and Ryan signed up to bring a cake.  He & Robbie baked it yesterday and then they frosted it and put sprinkles on it today and brought it to the church.  After I changed out of uniform, we headed to the church for dinner.  They had hamburgers and hot dogs and potato & macaroni salads and baked beans.  And lots of cakes for dessert.  I had a piece of Ryan’s and it was really good.  Then it was home to play for a while, and after Robbie was in bed, I stitched and we watched some Tivo’ed shows.

Time for bed now.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  50


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