Drill Band, a filling, and Sports Banquet

For PT this morning I did 200 crunches and then I went for a short/quick run in the drizzle.  I only went 1.62 miles in just over 15 minutes.  Then I had to stop at the gas station on my way home or I might not have made it.  I saw my guys off to school and then I got changed into ACUs and had breakfast and did a little on my computer.  After packing my lunch, I headed back to work.  After formation, I went to the finance office to take care of a few questions I had and I got Robbie re-enrolled in the Child & Youth Services program so I can use child care next week when Ryan’s gone to South Carolina for his living history event.  Once back to the band hall, I got my horn out for a few minutes before lunch.  During lunch, I stitched for a little while (after I ate) and then I took a 20 minute nap because I was sooooo tired.  We had drill band (marching band) after lunch.  We just practicing marching – no playing today.  It’s been over a year since we’ve marched.  It wasn’t too bad.  After that was done, I checked my work e-mail and a few other work things and then just waited around until it was time to leave for my dentist appointment.  I had a small cavity so I had to get a filling.  It’s been a VERY long time since I had a filling, and boy do they do things differently!!!  It used to take almost 20 minutes for my mouth to be numb enough (after about 4 or 5 shots of novacaine) for the dentist to work.  But today I wasn’t in the chair more than 20 minutes total!  When I first got there, he put a q-tip like thing in my mouth and I could feel the topical numbing within a very short time.  He let that sit for a little while and then he had a needle (I think – couldn’t feel anything) and slowly injected the other numbing stuff.  I didn’t feel a thing.  And then the filling – drill and fill and done.  It actually was a pretty good experience.

Then it was home to iron Ryan’s new pants and shirt, get a shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed, and I even put a little bit of makeup on – had to dig to find it.  We headed to Watertown and dropped Robbie off at ES’s on the way.  Ryan had his college sports awards banquet tonight.  They had a really good Italian buffet and cake for dessert.  And then they did awards for all the spring sports.  Since he’s on the golf team, and golf is a spring sport, the golf team had a few awards to hand out.  Ryan received the Spirit Award!!  Even though he never got to play in a tournament, he was always helping with the fundraisers, helped out at the home tournament, played 2-3 times a week, etc.  I think it’s awesome that he got something!!  There were 6 guys from the golf team there and they were by far the best-dressed team.  All the guys had shirts and ties on – yes, Ryan wore a tie!  Lots of the other guys from other teams had somewhat nice stuff, but some had sunglasses, dumb hats, mowhawk haircuts, etc.  The golf guys looked very professional.  After the banquet was over, we headed back to pick Robbie up and ended up talking to E and her husband I for a while and then we headed home and got Robbie to bed after he had a snack of yogurt and a carrot. 

Now it’s time for bed for me.  WAY past time for bed actually.  One of these nights I’m going to get upstairs when I want to.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  58


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