Back to Work

It was back to work today.  My day didn’t start off very good.  I got to the band hall for 0700 PT formation about 20 minutes early (I guess I can sleep and leave 10 minutes later!) and no one was at the band hall.  Hmmm. . . .  Odd, but I was early.  So I waited a bit and no one was showing up so I finally started calling to see where formation *actually* was.  4th try got ahold of someone who knew where formation was (at Battalion) and told me he’d let "them" know where I was.  So I did head up to Battalion and got there just as they were finishing.  I got harassed some, but whatever.  So then I went back home and got changed into my duty uniform, got breakfast for me and Robbie, and saw my guys off to school.  I also got a few things out to the mail box just before the mail lady came and played on my computer for a bit before heading back for 0930 formation.  At the band hall this time.  πŸ™‚  Of course, I was most of the way there and I remembered that I had forgotten my mouthpiece, music, flip folder, etc.  Not a good way to start off the day, but it turned out there wasn’t any rehearsals today so it was ok.  After formation, I went to make my Household Goods appointment (to schedule our house to be packed and loaded), I stopped by Battalion to check the mail room for my welcome packet from Ft. Huachuca (not there – hmmm. . . .  I wonder where it is), and then I headed to the dental clinic to see when I could go for an exam so I can get my annual cleaning.  I was able to get my exam right then, and they did x-rays as well.  I looked at the one they did of my front teeth (I told them about my softball incident) and the bone looks a lot better than it did last x-ray I had.  Then I had the exam and he said everything looked really good.  I just have one tiny cavity.  So I went to the front desk to schedule my cleaning appointment, and it turns out they had a cancellation for tomorrow so I’ll be able to get in right away.  That was kind of nice – get it over with for another year.

Then I headed back to the band hall since it was lunchtime and I had packed my lunch.  I ate and then I stitched for the rest of the time.  After lunch, all the Staff Sergeants and Sergeants First Class had a meeting with First Sergeant to talk about some leadership stuff.  And then I went to the admin building and did up my leave form for when we move this summer – I’m getting everything done well ahead of time, at least as much as I can before I actually start clearing the end of June.  By the time I was done, it was pretty much the end of the day, and I couldn’t find anyone from Brass Quintet around, so I left.  I came home and got changed out of uniform and got meatloaf going for supper.  I put it in the oven shortly after the guys got home from school.  Dinner was good – meatloaf, mashed taters, and corn.  Robbie had his usual second helpings of meatloaf.  πŸ™‚  And then he went to bed a little earlier than usual – he had been fussy since the minute he got home from school, so maybe a little extra sleep will help.

After he was in bed, I read a couple of newspapers and then I stitched and we watched our shows from Thursday night – thanks Tivo!

Today’s high:  63
Current:  49

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