Church, Laundry, Ice Cream!!

This morning I slept in until almost 1000.  We got up and Robbie and I had breakfast before heading to Church.  The service was good.  Robbie was cute.  He was hugging me before he left for Children’s Church (which he asked about like 10 minutes into the service) and he looked up and saw all the other kids leavings – "gotta go,  Mommy".  They had muffins and coffee & orange juice for fellowship time after the service so we stayed for a while.  And then we came home for a while and I got laundry going.  After playing outside with Robbie for a while, we headed to the Golden Unicorn for a late lunch/early dinner.  Once home, I kept the laundry going, and we played some more before walking to the ice cream place for our traditional Sunday evening walk and ice cream!!  I’m glad the ice cream place is open for the summer again.  It’s always a good family time.  Then it was home to get Robbie in the bath tub and I folded 3 loads of laundry (2 of lights and 1 of darks).  Batch 4 was in the dryer and 5 was in the washer.  After Robbie was out of the tub, I called Mom & Dad while Ryan did bedtime routine tonight.  I finished folding the clothes and then came downstairs to finish the phone call.  And then when Ryan was done practicing piano, we watched CSI: New York from last Wednesday and I stitched.

Off to bed now; back to work tomorrow.

Today’s high:  63
Current:  51


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