Today was a productive day.  I saw my guys off to school and then I headed out on a 4.74 mile run in 52:42 (11:07 pace).  I ran my hilliest route today, and boy did the hills kick my butt.  I had to walk a couple times on my way back.  But it still felt good!  Then after shower/change/breakfast, I did computer stuff for a little bit and then I headed around the house with a notebook.  I made quite a list of stuff to post on Freecycle and got it posted.  Within a half hour, I had the e-mails pouring in, and by the time I got back from picking Robbie up from daycare (I stitched for a couple hours in the afternoon), the majority of my list was spoken for.  Now if they actually come and pick them up. . .  I did have 2 ladies stop by tonight and picked up some of the stuff, so that’s good.  Once Ryan got home from golfing (and what a beautiful day he had!!!!), he made supper for us.  That was nice!  Then Robbie had a bath since he played a lot outside at daycare today and then I stitched some more and watched our Tivo’ed shows from last night (Amazing Race and The Unit).

Today’s high:  85
Current:  64

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