Picnic lunch and a run

This morning was fun. I got to pack a lunch for Robbie for school! I used my cookie cutters and turned his pb & j sandwich into an airplane, a dinosaur, and his initials (RY). He picked out the rest of the stuff and helped pack his new Spiderman lunchbox. He picked baby carrots, a string cheese stick, and grapes. I did manage to talk him into one cookie though. After the guys left for school, I spent the morning on my computer after getting all the trash to the street for pick up. Shortly before 1130 I got my lunch packed and then headed into town to the daycare for lunch again. Today was Beach Day and many of the kids (including Robbie) were wearing their swim suits and other beach attire. The teachers laid out a big sheet on the floor of their classroom for the picnic (it was going to be outside, but it was rainy and cold). Ryan showed up a bit later after he got out of class. There were I think 4 other moms there as well. It was a lot of fun, and all the kids were showing their friends what they had in their lunches. Ryan had to leave a little early for other school stuff, and I enjoyed talking to the other moms some. After lunch, I stopped by the University Center to check out the kids’ art show that they had – all kinds of different styles of art from the kids in the daycare. I think every kid had one piece on display.

Then I headed home and got changed into running attire – running shorts and a long sleeved running shirt, and shoes of course. I headed out into the chilly and went for a 3.63 mile run. I ran it in 39:05, but it probably would have been about a minute or so faster had it not been for the stupid dogs. Or should I say stupid dog owners? Right around mile 3 there was a pretty big hill – my nemesis because it’s high rise in a short distance. Well, there were 2 dogs in a yard and they weren’t tied up. The big dog barked a little and then just sat and watched me. But the little ankle-biter barked and barked and barked and then decided to chase me. No thanks. I ended up having to stop and walk for a bit. If that dog had come much closer I may have stepped on the little annoyance. Next time I run that way if those dogs aren’t tied up, I’ll make a detour to the police station to report them. But anyway, I ended up sprinting up the hill and finally outran the stupid little thing. I made it home and did some crunches – still trying to get caught up. I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with my friend   and playing on my computer. Once Ryan and Robbie got home from school and the chiropractor, I made tacos for dinner. And then Robbie and I played some more before it was his bedtime. Then I stitched – finished one project and worked a bit on another one.

Today’s High: 48
Current: 42