Lunch with my little guy!!

I didn’t get up early enough to have breakfast with Robbie this morning, but that’s ok.  At least I was up in time to see my guys off to school.  The contractor got here and started on the inside of the garage.  I helped move stuff that was in there – brought some down to the basement and just moved other stuff.  Then I did stuff on my computer until it was time to head to town and to the daycare center to meet up with Robbie for lunch.  I walked with him and his classmates/friends and teachers to the college cafeteria where they had a special lunch today.  Ryan joined us as soon as he was done with class.  It was a good lunch and a nice time with Robbie.  Then it was back to the classroom.  I stayed for a little while and got to see circle time.  It was a great time of learning for the kids, but the teachers make it fun as well.  After circle time they brush their teeth and then have quiet time.  I headed home for a while and got some crocheting done before heading back to town to pick Robbie up from school since Ryan was going golfing again.  We came home and played until Ryan got home and then we all made supper together.  Ryan made scrambled eggs, sausge, and hash browns, and I made pancakes.  Robbie helped stir things and helped set the table.  We made a little too much food, but it was all good and it was really nice all cooking together.  After dinner, since it was so late, it was Robbie’s bedtime.  After he was all tucked in, I crocheted while Ryan and I watched TV.

Today’s high:  47
Current:  40

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