The beginning of leave

This morning I got up and got into PT uniform.  After breakfast with Robbie and a little bit of computer time, I headed out to post.  I stopped at Battalion and got signed out on leave, but I didn’t have to be in uniform for that.  I had to be in uniform for my annual well-woman appointment at the troop clinic.  That went well and then I headed home via a stop at the gas station.  Once home, I got changed into normal clothes and started waiting for the contractor to show up and start working on the roof and garage.  I knew he had been here because his ladder and some other stuff was outside the garage.  But I never saw him today.  He’s also a volunteer firefighter and probably got called out – it was WINDY today and tried to rain for most the day.  It finally did rain some later this afternoon.  Around noon I headed to the post office to do my passport application so that I’ll have it before our next drive through Canada to Michigan – they become required on 1 June.  Then I spent the afternoon stitching and doing computer stuff.  I did a little bit of laundry as well.  Once Ryan and Robbie got home from school, we brought the contractor’s stuff into the garage so it’s out of the rain and not outside overnight.  We got supper made and consumed, and I folded some clothes before Robbie went to bed.  I had planned on stitching more, but I’m not happy with a color of floss I have out and I was too lazy to get up and find something else, so I’m not stitching.

Today’s high:  53
Current:  41

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