Translated Church Service, Shopping, and more

I keep forgetting to mention a neat thing about our church service.  We have a couple of deaf people (I think a couple maybe) and our services are translated for them.  We have two ladies that do sign language for them, one that usually does the talking parts of the service and one does the songs.  The lady that does the songs did a special song last week for Easter – she "sang" in sign language along with a recording.  It was awesome – almost like a dance!  I just think it’s neat that we have ladies that are able to translate so the deaf members can participate in the service as well.  The service this morning was good.  Robbie didn’t go to Children’s Church this morning.  He told me that sometimes he wants to go and sometimes he doesn’t want to go.  It’s fine either way – he’s really good during the sermon.

After the service and a short stop at home for me to change into a little bit more comfy clothes and grab a cross stitch project, we headed into Watertown to get passport pictures at Walmart (passport for me and the passport card for Ryan).  We ate at Bob Evans – Robbie’s choice.  And then we went to Sam’s Club for some things that we can get cheaper there than at the grocery store.  We stopped at the grocery store on our way home for our weekly groceries.  Then it was home to get groceries and everything put away and relax for a while.  Then we went to our local Chinese place for dinner.  The lady that runs it was happy to see me home.  I love these small town, family owned buisnesses we frequent around here.

Once we got home, Robbie had a small dish of ice cream and I called Mom & Dad.  Robbie talked to them a little bit as well, and then when I was done on the phone, Robbie went up to bed.  I stitched for a while more.

Today’s high:  54
Current:  38

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