Another productive day!

Not much sleeping in this morning. I had a little face peering at me again around 0800. I got up and Robbie and I had Cheerios for breakfast and then when Ryan came down a bit later, he had cereal as well. And then Ryan & Robbie headed back to the dump to bring the stuff that was in Ryan’s truck since yesterday. It was open this time, so they were able to get rid of it. While they were gone, I stitched for a while. Once they got home, we watched one of Robbie’s videos since it was trying to rain out. Around noon Ryan headed out to go to the golf course. Robbie and I had left-over pizza and some spaghettios for lunch.

Then we went to the local Farm & Garden store and bought a bird feeder, some bird seed, and some grass seed. When we got home, I put the grass seed out in the spot where we had a stump removed and then I found Ryan’s drill and figured out how to use it (it only took 2 calls to him on the golf course) and got a hook installed. Robbie helped me fill the bird feeder and then I lifted him up and let him hook it up on the hook on the porch. Then we went upstairs to his room and got that cleaned. All his books are on the bookcase. All his trucks and other toys are on the bookcase. All the garbage was thrown away. It looks lots better up there – just need to vacuum now to get up the remnants of pillow stuffing from his old Bob the Builder pillow that he literally loved to death. The pillow, not him. And then we watched Oliver and Company and I stitched while he watched it.

Once Ryan got home from golfing I got dinner made and after we ate it was bedtime for Robbie. I started folding some clothes while Ryan did bedtime duties tonight, and then he came and helped fold and we both went through some of our clothes. My unmentionable drawer and my uniform component drawer are all nice and neat now – still need to work on the t-shirt drawer. And then we watched the NASCAR race and I stitched more during it. I got a little over 5 hours in on White Queen today. Here is how it is looking:

Image Hosting by

Today’s high:  50
Current:  48


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