Clean Garage!!

I slept in a little this morning since I was on pass.  But I was woken up earlier to a small face right next to mine and little arms around me in a hug.  Robbie was giving me a hug before he went to school.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to be woken up.  🙂  Once I did get up, I was lazy this morning and just played on my computer until shortly before the guys got home from school.  NJ stopped over for some information for Ryan and he stayed for a bit since they were about 5 minutes away from being home.  NJ and Ryan talked for a while and Robbie and I played hopscotch by the garage.  Once NJ left, I moved the van out of the garage and found some big trash bags and we got to cleaning.  Water damaged stuff, empty cardboard boxes, other garbage – all into the back of Ryan’s truck to be taken to the dump.  Once we were done, I grabbed the broom and swept the floor really good – I think that was the first time since we moved in that the garage has been swept.  We still have more work to do, but it already looks tons better in there.  Ryan and Robbie left in the truck to bring the stuff to the dump and I started cleaning out the van.  The guys came back still with a full truck – dump closed about 20 minutes before they got there.  So they’ll go back in the morning.  We relaxed for a while and then headed to our local Italian place for dinner – we walked there.  Ryan had chicken parmesan and spaghetti and Robbie and I shared a cheese pizza.  Then we walked home and watched TV for a little bit before Robbie headed up to bed.  I got almost 2 hours of stitching done and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  61
Current:  52

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