Productive day

We had formation at 0730 again this morning.  And then after formation we had our TB tests read.  It took a whole 2 minutes once you got to the front of the line – 15 seconds for the test to be read on your arm, and the rest of the time to sign in on the sheet.  That was it for the day as far as "in uniform" stuff was concerned.  I got home and took a shower, ran the dishwasher, played the piano for a while, got a gift ready to mail and walked to the Post Office to mail it and something else.  Then I came home and worked on my alumni newsletter for my fraternity – almost have it done finally.  Then I went and picked Robbie up from daycare and we came home and played baseball and rode his bike and blew bubbles and went running before Ryan got home from school and golfing.  I made spaghetti for supper, and then after Robbie was in bed, I crocheted on a baby blanket.

Today’s high:  57
Current:  40

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