Back to Ft. Drum and my new skirt!

This morning it was sort of back to work. We had formation at 0730 and then our briefing for our Soldier Readiness Checks which involve various stations including finance, legal, ID Cards, medical, vision, hearing, mental health, etc. If I hadn’t had to get a new ID card, my day would have been very short. But I had to wait for a new ID card, and that was about a 2 hour wait, plus the time to do the card and the lady had to do it twice. Just at the end of the process her computer froze up and we had to do everything again. But now I have a new ID card. The rest of the stations were really quick. I think other than the hearing test (yay for pushing the button when you hear a tone), my longest stop was at immunizations. They drew blood and gave me my PPD plant (for TB test) and then I had to have a tetanus shot since it’s been 10 years since my last one. Once I was done with all the medical stuff, I headed to the admin section for my final out and now I’m officially back at Ft. Drum. There are still more "inprocessing" appointments the rest of the week, so I’m not really back to work yet. I did stop by the band hall for a little while after I was done as I was supposed to do my leave form but that’s on hold for a bit. It was nice chatting with some of my friends who redeployed in January though. And I got my 2 tuff boxes of uniforms and equipment that had been sent home.

Once home, I got changed to go out for a run – and to try out my new running skirt! I really liked it, but my thighs chafed really bad. Next time I’ll remember to use my Body Glide and see if that helps. I only went 2.4 miles because I was hurting pretty bad – not to mention I’m not used to running on hills. I ran it in 23:29, a 9:47 pace. I’m happy with that considering the wind, hills, and chafing. After I got back from the run, I made myself and Easter Egg Salad sandwich and after relaxing for a little bit, I headed into town to pick Robbie up from daycare and bring Ryan his golf clubs. When we got home, Robbie and I played outside for a while – baseball, bubbles, riding his bike, he wanted to run so we went around the block, and then we walked up to Kinney Drug and got some Easter candy for 50% off. Then we came home and played a little more before heading in to watch a movie and I made him one of his kiddie tv dinner-like meals. He ate all of his meal plus had one of his yogurts on top of it.

After I got Robbie up to bed, I got stuff organized for tomorrow (need to turn some stuff in) and I crocheted.

Today’s high: 46
Current: 33


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