Happy Easter!!

Christ has risen!  He has risen indeed!  ALLELUIA!!!

I was up early this morning to play the role of Easter Bunny and I hid the dozen eggs Robbie dyed yesterday.  Then I went back to bed for about another hour or so.  We got up and Robbie was all excited to go find his eggs, and he did a really good job at it.  I think the Easter Bunny will have to find better hiding places next year.  Then we got ready and headed to the Golden Unicorn for their all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.  That was really good.  Our church had a free breakfast, but it was from 7-9 and our service wasn’t until 11.  We did go to the service, though, and boy was everyone glad to see me back.  And I got to meet the new pastor and his wife; both seem really nice.  After church, we came home and did computer stuff and played for the afternoon.  Then we headed into town to go to Ponderosa for Easter Dinner.  They had a "special" buffet for Easter, but it pretty much was just their regular buffet.  It was still good though.  We had some shopping to do and went to Target but they had closed at 1800.  So we went to Walmart and they, too, had closed at 1800.  It was about 1820 at this time.  So finally Kmart was open and we were able to get our shopping done.  I stitched in the car on the way to and from town since it’s about 25 minutes each way.  Once home, Robbie took a bath, and I called mom and dad while he was in the tub.  After Robbie was in bed, I got some more stitching done.

Today’s High:  36
Current:  31

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