Party, Shop, and Dye

I was up for about an hour in a quiet house.  That was nice.  Once Robbie got up, we had pop tarts for breakfast and we spent the morning watching cartoons and playing.  Shortly after noon, we headed into town to a bowling alley for a birthday party of one of Robbie’s friends from daycare, also the son of Ryan’s piano teacher.  There were 10 kids that bowled and they all had a great time.  Most of the parents stayed as well.  Robbie bowled a 71!!  Then they had pizza for lunch and there was plenty for the parents as well.  And then cake and ice cream.  The cake was cupcakes made to look like sheep using marshmallows.  They were really cute!  And then the birthday boy opened his presents from all his friends.  Talk about chaos with all the kids, but they all had fun.

On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store to get food for the week.  After I got the groceries put away, I boiled a dozen eggs and once they were cooled off, we dyed them for Easter.  Robbie sure had fun.  I didn’t get any picture though.  😦  He had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some string cheese for supper/snack and then he wanted to head right up to bed (it was around 2000).  I spent the evening stitching and watching TV.

Today’s High:  44
Current:  32

The past few days

Thursday morning I did more laundry and I took a trash bag through the kitchen and dining room and I got those floors swept and mopped.  I still need to wipe down the counters, clean the sink, and finishing finding the dining room table and we’ll be good to go in there.  After I was done with that bit of cleaning, I headed to my nail place and got a manicure and pedicure.  It’s nice going to small places – they remember you even if you’ve been gone for a year.  It’s a Korean lady that owns/runs my nail place and she’s really nice.  I was the only one in there at the time as well, so I got extra attention.  It was nice being pampered after the past few days of cleaning.  Once the guys got home from school later, we went out to post to go to the PX (it was still under renovations when I left and WOW does it look nice now).  We tried to eat at the food court after we shopped, but there was only 1 out of 4 places open.  You’d think that all the eating places would be open the whole time the PX is open.  I guess we’re going to have to file a complaint about that.  So we ended up going to Burger King on post, and even there we were disappointed.  They were out of the cheesy tots and their shake machine wasn’t working.  But we did manage to get some food.

Friday morning I had accountability formation at Battalion headquarters, so I had to get into uniform for that and drive all the way out to post for a 10 minute formation.  Once we were released from there, I headed into Watertown to pick Robbie up from daycare.  He only goes 1/2 day on Fridays because of Ryan’s class schedule and Ryan was going golfing after his classes.  Then we headed back to Carthage and dropped the van off at the place I go to for oil changes and repairs and stuff.  It’s been a while since the van was in, and they did oil change, tire rotation, changed the spark plugs, etc.  After we dropped the van off, Robbie and I walked down by the river and he threw rocks and sticks into the water for a while.  Then we saw a train engine go by, but that’s all there was – no cars, just an engine.  But the engineer waved at Robbie and he thought that was neat.  We ate lunch at Jreck Subs, or as  Robbie calls it, Pirate Subs.  Then we walked home and after a little bit of computer time, we went and played outside for over an hour and a half.  We played baseball – took turns throwing and hitting, and boy can my little man hit the ball!!  Then I got his bike out and got the seat adjusted for him and he rode that for a while.  I got some video and pictures of him on the bike, but I haven’t uploaded them from my camera yet.  Once we got tired outside, we came in and watched Dumbo (DVD) and I stitched for a little bit.

When Ryan got home, we headed back to the auto shop to pick up the van and then we headed to our chiropractor.  She was really glad to see us and it was nice being back there again for "popcorns" as Robbie calls it.  Once we were done there, we headed to the mall to get new cell phones.  It’s our upgrade time and I really needed one as I managed to break off part of the car charger in the charger slot and I wasn’t able to charge my phone anymore.  Ryan got a Samsung Glyde (touch screen – pretty neat phone!) and I got an LG VX8360.  Mine is pretty much just an upgrade from what I had.  It’s the first time that we’ve not had matching cell phones, but we both were able to get what we wanted.  Then we went to Friendly’s for dinner – Robbie’s choice since he was so good and patient while we were doing the phone thing.  Then it was home to bed for Robbie and I.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and when we got up to his room he told me "I just want a really short book tonight because I’m really tired."  LOL  And I had a migraine so I took some drugs and headed to bed as well.