Laundry and Lunch

I was up about 0930 this morning.  I got laundry sorted and started.  Shortly before noon, I headed into town to Ryan’s college.  I got to see Robbie’s daycare and meet his teachers and friends and then I headed off with Ryan (he met me at the daycare, which is right on his campus) to the student center.  We had lunch at the little cafeteria there, and I got to meet quite a few of his friends and his piano teacher as well.  She’s the mother of one of Robbie’s friends at daycare.  It was a fun time.  When I left, I headed out to my nail place for a manicure and pedicure only to find out they are closed on Wednesdays.  i guess I’ll go back tomorrow and try again.  Then I stopped at my van "doctor" on my way home and made an appointment for Friday for oil change, etc.  Then it was home and I got some laundry folded and another batch in the washer.  Once Ryan and Robbie got home from school, we headed back into Watertown and went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  i stitched in the car on the way there, but now that we’re home, I’m way too tired to stitch or anything.

Today’s high:  38
Current:  33

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