Run Around Slayer

This morning I got breakfast on my way to formation since formation was at the band hall this morning.  Then afterward, I dropped my weapon off at my room, and SFC KW and I went for a run.  We had decided to run through the Slayer Tunnel to Camp Slayer and around the lakes there and then back.  We had guessed that it would be about 8-10 miles, but we were off a little.  It was only 5.86 miles.  We ran it in 1:02:08 (10:36 pace – really good for me!!), but we had an hour break with just under a mile to go.  They had the roads closed off because there was a suspected unexploded ordnance (UXO) by one of the amnesty boxes.  It took a while for the EOD (Explosive Ordnance guys) to get there and then they weren’t there for maybe 5 minutes.  I’m pretty sure it was nothing – at least, nothing went boom.  So while we waiting, KW and I stood by the side of the road and just chatted.  I’ve never really had a chance to talk to him and get to know him, so the delay was kind of nice – other than it interrupted a really good run.  We were finally allowed to head back through the tunnel and home.  I like running with faster people.  KW said we’d take my pace, but I let it be pushed just a little bit.  If I never push my pace, I’ll never get faster. 

When I got back TD was waiting for me to go to lunch with.  So I changed shirts and socks really quick so I wasn’t soggy gross and we headed to the chow hall.  I took some pasta (egg noodles) and meat sauce to go along with my jalapeno poppers, but the noodles weren’t cooked enough, so my lunch consisted of jalapeno poppers, a little bit of watermelon, a gatorade, and a chocolate milk.  Whatever.  Then it was home for the afternoon, and I ended up have to reconstruct my running log for this year.  I opened my file and my data was there but all the formulas and macros were corrupt.  At least I had only done 11 runs prior to today for this year.  And at least I was able to recover the data.  That took a bit of doing, but mostly it was an exercise in extreme patience.  I did manage to get everything taken care of just before I headed to afternoon formation.  Then it was back to my room to stitch until dinner.  I ate dinner with MM from the 56th Army Band and lots of good conversation there.  Then home to stitch more before heading back out to help teach some basic salsa lessons that my friend JH invited me to go to.  I got to be his demonstration dance partner for what he was teaching.  It was fun, and I even learned some as well.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s High:  69
Current:  63

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