Relaxing day and final Country Night

Today was a really laid back day.  We had accountability/information formation at our normal formation time, but up here at the living area.  Then nothing.  I spent the day finishing getting boxes ready to mail, tucking in ends on a baby blanket, cross stitching, and crocheting.  I made a trip to the post office about 1400 and mailed out 2 boxes.  Then we had mail call formation and then GG helped me carry my big box of yarn to the post office, and I took 2 additional boxes as well.  Everything that I plan on mailing to myself has now been mailed.  I still have to make one more trip to the Post Office to mail out things to several other people.  Then I crocheted until about 1900 and I headed to dinner and then to my final Country Night.  It was an awesome evening, but it was sad as well.  They played all the traditional "last night" songs – Friends in Low Places, God Bless the USA, and American Soldier.  I cried by the end of the night.  A lot of my Country Night friends are 18th Airborne Corps, so they’ll all be able to get back together at Ft. Bragg, but not me.  We’ll probably keep in touch on Facebook and/or Yahoo IM.

Off to bed now – getting up to go run in the morning.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  57


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