Long Day

I was up a little early this morning to meet up with my friend CJ for breakfast before he leaves for home.  It was nice seeing him one last time.  Then it was home for about an hour more of sleep before getting up and ready for formation.  After formation, I headed up to the band hall and got stuff loaded in the truck and we headed out to do my last turn-in.  I had 3 guys from the 56th Army Band with me to help out, and their truck.  One of them is one of their supply guys so he could learn where and how to do turn-ins.  So we got the stuff turned in and then headed back.  I hung out until lunch and then after lunch – it’s nice getting caught up with friends in the 56th that I’ve served with in the past – 2 from Jackson, 1 from Korea, 2 from Gordon.  It’s kind of neat seeing everyone again.  And then after lunch I helped sort and inventory stuff that needs to be turned in tomorrow.  That took most of the afternoon, and I finally left the band hall at 1630.

I didn’t want to hang out until the chow hall opened at 1700 and I didn’t want to go home and then back to the chow hall.  So I went to Pizza Hut and got a small cheese lovers pizza again.  I got home and changed into PTs and then opened my pizza.  I wonder if they could have cooked it any longer.  My cheese was almost burned.  It was still ok, though.  Around 1900 a couple from the 56th Band (literally – they’re married, and the guy is one of the ones I served with at Gordon) came over and they got my fridge and my 2 3-drawer storage things.  My room is really starting to look empty.  One more trip to the post office tomorrow, and I have to figure out how to get 3 boxes of yarn for Prayer Shawl Ministry to the chapel, and then I just need to pack and I’ll be ready to go.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  66


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