Suicide Awareness Training and a missed opportunity (not related)

This morning after formation we had a Suicide Awareness Training.  It was an interactive small group session and was actually really good training.  It’s a video you watch that’s kind of like the old choose-your-own adventure books.  By the choices you make for the Soldiers in the video determines the outcome for the Soldier.  There were 4 in my group plus our facilitator, and we saved both Soldiers in the scenarios.  It took about an hour and a half, but it was a lot better than previous suicide prevention classes we’ve had where we’re just talked at and powerpointed to death.

Once the training was done, I got my computer out and started working on my music project.  I took a break for lunch and then spent most of the afternoon working on the music.  We turned over the band hall to the I Corps Band today (it actually was going to be tomorrow).  I finished cleaning out my office and that was sad in a way.  Finally I got my computer back from it being repaired and it took almost an hour and a half to burn all the files I needed to keep off it onto 2 CDs.  By then I just wanted to leave as it was close to 1930, so I took my backpack with me and went to Pizza Hut for a cheese pizza for supper.  As I was waiting for my pizza, there were several Iraqi military personnel waiting as well.  I’ve been in Iraq for almost a year and I don’t have a picture of me with Iraqi soldiers for my country collection.  So I ask them if I could take a picture with them – sure, no problem.  I ask a Navy guy that was waiting for his pizza if he would take the picture.  Sure, no problem.  The problem???  My batteries on my camera were dead.  Like it wouldn’t even turn on kind of dead.  *sigh*  And I had the opportunity to get a picture with an Iraqi Air Force guy, an Iraqi soldier, AND an Iraqi Brigadier General.  Hopefully I’ll have another opportunity like that before I leave here.  It would kind of stink to not get a picture of a host-nation soldier.

I got home and my pizza was good.  I had planned on crocheting for the evening, but one my Soldiers came over and needed to talk and we talked for an hour.  I did get a little bit of crocheting in, but not as much as I had hoped.  Oh well.  Tomorrow’s another day.

Today’s High:  69
Current:  59


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