Staff Sergeant for another year

This morning I had a meeting with the Battalion Sergeant Major at 0500 – along with a bunch of other Staff Sergeants.  The FY09 list for Sergeant First Class was published today, and our CSM wanted to meet with us early before we heard from anyone else that we didn’t make the list.  However, one guy from our band did make the list this year!  Congrats to you, TB!  And on the overall band list, I know 10 Soldiers on it.  I’m not really upset over not being selected this year.  It was only my first look.  Yeah, it would have been nice, but it’s certainly not the end of the world.

After I got back from the meeting (which ended about 0550), I was back in bed and asleep by 0610.  And I slept for another 2 hours.  Then I barely made it to work on time.  Oops!  After formation, I went to Green Beans and got a banana nut muffin and a vanilla chai smoothie for breakfast.  Then it was time to lay out all the stuff from the containers to get ready for customs inspection.  They go through every case and every item to make sure there is nothing that’s not supposed to go back to the U.S.  Once the inspection was done, we loaded the containers back up and they were sealed shut.

I met TD for lunch at Subway.  Niether of us wanted to fight the "zoo" at the chow hall today.  We had a good chat while we ate.  Then after lunch we had a formation and all the Soldiers that reenlisted during the deployment got presented coins from the Retention Sergeant Major.  They’re really cool coins – shaped like a t-wall.  I didn’t get one since I didn’t reenlist while here.  After that, I helped get some hand receipts ready for some stuff and worked on music in Finale on my computer.  At 1545 I was supposed to go to Honor Chapel for a sensing session with the Sergeant Major of the Army.  But when I got to the chapel, I was turned away – the chapel was full and they didn’t have room for anymore.  Oh well.  So I went back to the band hall and continued working on music until about 1720 when I headed to dinner.  And then it was back to the band hall to get my computer, protective mask, and mud boots (combat boots that I’ve been wearing when it was muddy out) and I headed home.  I spent the evening crocheting and I finished a baby blanket minus tucking in the ends.  I’ll do that tomorrow night.  I uploaded a bunch of deployment pictures to my Facebook, so if you’d like to see them, click here.  —->  Iraq Deployment Pictures

Today’s high:  73
Current:  66


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