Grupo Histeria’s Last Dance in Iraq

This morning it was off to the band hall to drop off my computer and then to the chow hall for breakfast.  I wasn’t impressed with breakfast this morning, and usually that’s the best meal of the day.  My scrambled eggs were not as firm as I like my scrambled eggs and the halved pears (canned??) were frozen.  YUCK!!  So I had a jelly-filled powdered donut and some raisin bran.  I spent the morning on my computer working on the music I’ve been working on.  I ended up eating lunch with RN and PP so that was nice.  After lunch I went with KW to get the mail and then we stopped by my room to get the box of prayer shawls to bring to the chapel for tomorrow’s service.  Then it was back to the band hall and I mostly finished the music project I was working on.  At 1500 we got the truck loaded with our salsa equipment and headed to the job site and got set up.  I was planning on not having much down time as I was to be the chow relief for the CQ, but when I got back to the band hall, I found out that other arrangements had been made and I ended up having some down time!  I got some stitching done and then went to dinner about 1845 or so.  Dinner was ok, but I’m ready to go home and start cooking again.  Then we had formation at 1945 and headed out to the gig site.  We did our sound check and had an awesome gig for our last one in Iraq.  I danced a couple of songs during our break and then it was back for the second set.  It was kind of sad in a way.

I need to get to bed now – tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

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