Grupo Histeria plays again

I was up in time for breakfast yet again this morning!  After formation, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that pretty much went all morning.  It was a good rehearsal.  Then I met up with Chaplain S for lunch today to discuss doing a blessing/dedication of prayer shawls at our 1830 service this week.  It should be a really good service.  After lunch we got the truck loaded with all our salsa equipment and went to the job site and got the truck unloaded and everything set up.  Once I got back to the band hall, I headed home for the afternoon.  I got some more stuff ready and headed to the post office – only this time, there was only one box that I mailed to myself.  The others are all for others.  Then I came home and stitched for a while until it was time to head to dinner and then formation.  I ate dinner with Joyful Noez friend DW.  That was nice getting to eat with him again before he heads home.

Grupo Histeria played for salsa night at a neighboring camp yet again.  Our gig went really well and there were lots of people there and lots dancing.  I danced during our break, like always.  So much for having a break!  LOL  It’s lots of fun.

I need to get to bed now – it’s almost 0200.


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