BQ and JN

I slept until around 1000 this morning – had the morning off because of last night’s salsa gig.  When I got up, the power was out because they were doing generator maintenance.  At least my computer still had about 50% battery left and I was able to listen to music with my iTunes.  Once the power came back up, I stitched for a while and did stuff online – and continued to listen to my music.  I got to work for 1300 and had about an hour of various classes as we prep for redeployment.  Then I went to my work computer to do some paperwork for turn-ins.  Well, I got the paperwork done, but couldn’t print.  I didn’t have network on my computer.  The network went down yesterday, and I guess when it came back up, my computer didn’t like it.  So our IMO (unit computer guy) worked on my computer for about an hour and a half but ended up having to bring it to his higher ups to get it fixed.  So I’ll be without work e-mail and other stuff for hopefully only a few days.  About 1600 I got my horn out and did a good warm up before Brass Quintet headed out for our gig.  We played for the MNC-I End of Tour Memorial Ceremony.  It was to honor all of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that have given the ultimate sacrifice in the past 14 months.  It was a nice ceremony – and our last BQ gig over here.  Then once we got back to the band hall, I got my horn put away and got my Joyful Noez folder and headed to the chapel for rehearsal.  I got there just in time for prayer circle so that was cool.  Then rehearsal was awesome!!  We’ve got a great set for Sunday – including 3 songs that we haven’t done for quite some time, but used to do a lot during my first months with the group.  It’s really nice going back to some "old" songs for this week.  Then it was dinner afterwards, and I had a nice chat with JL, our new leader.

Off to bed now. . . .

Today’s high:  77
Current:  68


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