2 seconds

We had our PT test this morning.  My goals – 45 pushups (100%), 76 situps (100%), 17:15 (gave me a 9 second cushion) on the 2 mile run (90%), total score 290.  Here’s what actually happened.  46 pushups, 75 situps (99%), and 17:26 on the run (89%).  For 90% on the run, I needed 17:24.  I missed my goal of 290 (would have been my highest score ever) by 1 situp and 2 seconds; I missed getting the Physical Fitness Badge by 2 seconds – you need 90% in each even to get that.  I was pretty upset at the end of the run because I pushed so hard and didn’t quite get it.  But I know I tried my best and there’s always next time – and I will do more speedwork next time.  And I will get my patch!!  After stopping at the band hall to get my rifle, fellow trombonist AA and I headed to breakfast.  We had a nice chat while we ate.  Then it was home for a quick shower and change, and I got my computer packed up to take to work.  I’ve decided to start taking my laptop to work with me so that I can do something semi-productive when I don’t have anything else going on.

This morning was spent running errands and then I got lunch to go at the chow hall – it was a zoo and I didn’t feel like trying to find a place to sit.  So I ate in my office.  After lunch I headed to the deep end rehearsal area and got my computer set up.  I have some music that I’m working on in Finale, so I was still doing work-related stuff, but I was also able to chat with family and friends and surf the internet.  It made the afternoon pass by much faster.  At 1500 we had Brass Quintet rehearsal.  It went ok, but we all sounded tired – from the PT test this morning and/or the salsa gig last night.  After rehearsal, I chatted with Ryan for a bit and then I headed up the details for the day.  Then it was off to dinner with GY, TB, and a SFC from the I Corps Band (56th Army Band) – some of them are starting to arrive, but they’re not our replacements; they’re just taking over our facilities.  After we ate, I went back to the band hall to get my computer and since TB was heading home at the same time, we walked together.  It’s always nice having someone to walk with for our 1/2 mile walk home.

I spent the evening crocheting on a baby blanket, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  59


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