From Weigh In to Grupo Histeria

This morning was our twice yearly weigh in.  I was a little worried about it, but I ended up being right on my table weight (my maximum authorized without having to be taped for body fat percentage) so I was good to go on that.  Then I went to the band hall and taped the females that needed to be taped and then home.  I had a nice chat with Ryan this morning, and I also  chatted with Dad for a bit before he went to bed and with my Joyful Noez friend SH who redeployed to Ft. Huachuca several months ago.  I turned in a bag of laundry on my way to the chow hall, and boy did my breakfast taste good!  Scrambled eggs, french toast sticks, applesauce (no decent fruit this morning), cocoa puffs with chocolate milk, and a glass of OJ.  It’s my normal breakfast, although I don’t have french toast sticks all the time and I usually eat a healthier cereal with skim milk, but it was either cocoa puffs of fruit loops this morning.  Ick.

After formation, we had day 1 of our customs inspections for our containers.  We had to take everything out of the 4 containers they were inspecting today, and lay everything out.  They went through all the tuff boxes of personal stuff, and all the musical equipment.  It took all morning, but that’s one step closer to going home!  Lunch was pizza with my friend KW.  She bought me a veggie lovers (medium) as a b-day present.  Thanks KW!  I did get some stitching done as well after I finished my pizza.  Then after lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for an hour and then JG and I got some Soldiers to help and we got the truck loaded and headed out to the place where we turn stuff in.  Once the truck was empty, we came back to the band hall and picked up the second load to take out there.  We finally got everything turned in that is no longer serviceable and we stopped at the fuel point to get gas in the truck on our way back.  By the time we got back, it was the end of the day and time to head to dinner.

I had a good dinner tonight – sort-of spaghetti (egg noodles and meat sauce, but it wasn’t that good), a chicken-salsa salad of sorts, a biscuit with butter and jelly, and a dish of ice cream!  Then I headed home for a quick fix of my hair – I didn’t wet it this morning before I put it up and it was all falling out and I wanted it to look presentable for our gig.  Then it was back to the band hall to get my horn and then across the street to the pavilion by Green Beans for our salsa gig with Grupo Histeria.  The gig went really well and was a lot of fun as always.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  55

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