Service of Music

I love my days off. I slept until 1030 this morning and that sure was nice. Then I did computer stuff and stitched on Lady of the Flag until it was time to go to prayer shawl ministry. I worked on a baby blanket there. Then it was some packing (all my yarn from my tuff box is packed in a cardboard box ready to be mailed home) and then more stitching before heading off to the chapel for Joyful Noez warm up and our service. Tonight we did a service of music. After the opening announcements and prayer, we sang 5 songs. Then the Chaplain gave a short message – like less than 10 minutes short. And then we closed with another 6 songs. It was an awesome and moving service and there were tears in the eyes of some of the members of the congregation and some of the JN members (including me). They also had an altar call at the end (before/during our last song) and there was a Soldier that came forward – and a friend of mine! That was awesome, too. Then instead of going to dinner with everyone, I went home and changed and went for a run. We have our semi-annual weigh-in tomorrow morning and I want to make sure I’m ok. So I ran 4.21 miles and then tried to call Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. But my phone card had all of 3 minutes on it so I wasn’t able to call. I’m chatting with them online instead.

Today’s high: 73
Current: 63


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