I got up early enough for breakfast at the chow hall before formation this morning.  I spent the morning doing computer stuff and catching up on e-mails again.  Everyone seems to e-mail me after I’ve gone home for the day from work.  Lunch was good and then a half hour of stitching.  At 1300 we got the truck loaded up for our salsa gig this evening.  We have a bunch of stuff that needs to get turned in because it’s broken/doesn’t work/etc. so I got all the smaller stuff from inside gathered by the loading dock – using my detail that I had asked for during formation.  JG was going to drive the big truck for this task and he went to get the truck pulled up so we could load it.  Nope – our turn in wasn’t going to happen today after all.  The truck wouldn’t start because the battery was dead.  So we brought all the stuff back into where it had been.

Since I had some extra time now, I went home to get some boxes to bring to the post office to mail home.  I did what I always do when coming up to my room.  I stick my hand in my pocket and pull out my room key.  Nope – not this time.  I had forgotten about my key.  KW needed to go back to her room earlier in the day and I had remembered that I had forgotten my Joyful Noez music folder so I asked her to get it from my room for me.  She did – gave me the folder but we both forgot about the key.  I went to the housing office and borrowed a key from them (you can sign it out for up to an hour).  KW was still at work but on her laptop and I sent her a Yahoo IM to see if she could bring me my key when she went to pick up the mail.  She did – and she brought me my mail as well!  That was awfully sweet of her.  I got my boxes to the post office and mailed out and then headed back to work.

Shortly after 1700 I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  We had a bit of a longer rehearsal because we have 12 songs for Sunday instead of our normal 5.  We’re doing a service of music on Sunday.  At least they were all songs that we’ve sung over the past few months.  After rehearsal I headed back to the band hall – with a ride even, thanks to RW who had a truck – to get changed into my salsa shirt and then RW was going to drive me to the MWR for our salsa gig.  Well, I get in the band hall and Chief is in his office – kind of odd since he runs sound for us and we’re 1/2 hour from gig time.  Nope – no gig tonight, probably because of the wind, dust, and lightning.  So instead of going to the MWR, I was able to go to the chow hall for dinner with the rest of the Joyful Noez crew.  That was a nice change in plans, and now I’ll be able to get more than 4 hours of sleep before my 15K race in the morning!

Today’s High:  82
Current:  79

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