More stuff gone

I had breakfast in my room this morning thanks to remembering to grab cereal, milk, and juice from the chow hall last night at dinner.  I had to have my tuff box of uniforms/equipment outside by 0730.  I also had packed all my trombone music, running books, and CDs in there – it has to be all military equipment for these air shipments we’ve been doing, but since I’m a musician, music books and CDs count, and since we do PT and run in the Army, my running books counted!  We spent all morning at the air field for customs inspection, pallet building, etc. to get the stuff ready to go.  When we got back, the bus driver dropped us off right at the chow hall.  I ate lunch and then still had about 1/2 hour to stitch in my office.  After lunch I did some more turn in paperwork, had a meeting with 1SG, and then ended the day with a couple hours of salsa rehearsal.  It was a good day!  Then it was off to dinner and I ate with fellow trombonist AA and then home to stitch for a while before heading to Country Night.  That was a lot of fun as always.  Now I’m home and heading to bed.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  65

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