No Salsa Tonight

It was another one of "those" mornings. I couldn’t get up to go run and I didn’t make it to breakfast. So after formation I went to Green Beans to get a muffin (cranberry) and a smoothie (vanilla chai). Both were very yummy! We had Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning and that went really well. I had a good playing morning and that’s always good. I met TD for lunch again and then back for a bit of stitching before some more container loading this afternoon. Then I did up some paperwork for broken/old stuff that needs to be turned in, and then I went to an IPR (In-Progress Review) at the chapel offices for a Memorial Ceremony that the Brass Quintet is playing at next week. I got lots of questions answered for the BQ and found out more information about the ceremony. On my way back to the band hall, I stopped at the PX for a few things. Once back, I did a final check of e-mail, helped finish up details, and then headed home since we didn’t have a salsa gig.  And then since we didn’t have a gig, we were going to rehearse, but then there ended up being no rehearsal either!  So I got the evening off!

I got changed into PTs and headed out on a 6.11 mile run in 1:06:35, a 10:55 pace. It was a really nice run, and since I knew it would be getting dark about 4 miles in, I chose to run the PT test loop twice. I kind of like running in the dark. It’s very quiet and peaceful, even over here. After I got back and got cleaned up and changed, I headed to the chow hall for dinner. I was hoping for grilled chicken breast, but nope. They only had fried chicken. Yuck. Nothing else looked good either, so I ended up with a mini cheese pizza. But I did remember to grab a thing of cereal, milk, and juice for breakfast tomorrow morning. Once back to my room, I got uniforms and equipment packed for a shipment that’s going out tomorrow. Then I crocheted on a baby blanket (a new one) for a little while.

Today’s High: 75
Current: 66


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