Women’s History Month Observance

This morning it was MUDDY out.  And puddles.  It must have rained hard and a lot over night.  I had an appointment regarding prayer shawls with Chaplain J at 0900 so I didn’t go to formation.  I got to the chapel office for my appointment only to find out that CH J had been called away to another meeting – a bit more important.  So I chatted with the chaplain assistant for a while and then headed to the band hall.  After checking in, I went to Green Beans for some breakfast.  Then I spent the morning doing stuff on my computer.  I met up with TD for lunch and then back to stitch for a while.  Then we did more container loading after lunch.  Shortly before 1600 I headed to the chapel for the Women’s History Month Observance that was put on by our Division Equal Opportunity team.  It was a really good presentation – really interesting!  And a few parts of it made me cry even.  At the end, several male members of the Gospel Choir got up front to sing a song dedicated to the women.  They had all the women in the audience stand.  Near the end of the song, other male members of the Gospel Choir came out and had crystal roses for each woman there.  I even ended up with a purple one!!  It’s really pretty and I hope it makes it home in one piece.  

After that was done, it was off to dinner with KW and CT and we had some nice girl talk while we ate.  Then I headed home for a relaxing evening crocheting.  I finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on as well as a dishcloth.  Off to bed now after I do my crunches for the day.

Today’s high:  68
Current:  61

One thought on “Women’s History Month Observance

  1. I have to post my crunches ticker! I need to do 100 today, but then I’ll be caught up!
    That’s super cool about the crystal roses; that was a really sweet idea.

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