Beginning Loading and more Grupo Histeria

We spent the morning starting loading our quad cons for our trip back to Ft. Drum.  Lots of lifting and carrying, but boy is it worth it to be getting ready to go home.   Then lunch and after I ate, I stitched for a while.  Then we loaded our salsa equipment and went and got set up.  Then I had the rest of the afternoon off and I got another box ready to mail home and did more cleaning in my room.  I brought a whole bunch of stuff to the latrine that I don’t need/never needed – packages of baby wipes, bag of cotton balls, body wash, shampoo, little packs of kleenex, etc.  Well, when I was done cleaning and was ready to sit down and stitch for a little while, I needed to clean my hands.  So I opened the drawer where I always had a package of baby wipes.  NO baby wipes.  I didn’t keep my partial package that I had been using.  So I had to go back to the latrine and I retrieved one of my packages.  LOL  Oops!!  I got a good bit of stitching done, and then I got ready and headed to the chow hall for dinner on my way to formation.  Fellow trombone player AA came in shortly after I did so he joined me.  It’s so nice actually getting along with him now!  Then it was off to formation for our salsa gig.  I think tonight was the beginning of our Farwell to Iraq Tour.  The gig went really well and there were probably a couple hundred people there, most of them dancing.  We played until about midnigh again, and then got everything packed up and loaded on the truck and headed home.

Now it’s bedtime. . .

Today’s high:  80
Current:  63

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