Fun Day

I was off this morning from last night’s salsa gig. I slept until about 0900 and was at the chapel by 1000 for my appointment regarding the prayer shawl ministry with Chaplain J. Well, my appointment ended up being cancelled, but since I wasn’t at work yesterday afternoon before the salsa gig, I didn’t get the e-mail from Chaplain J’s Chaplain Assistant. Oh well – no big deal! I went back home and got a couple of hours of stitching done before having to head into work for 1300. I spent the afternoon doing computer work and e-mails. About 1715 I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal and that went really well. Then dinner. And then I headed over to the MWR where I go for Country Night and went to Salsa Night. One of my friends had invited me to go, so I went. Boy, Latin dancing sure is a good workout – I wish I had been going my whole time here. I had a great time and ended up staying until almost midnight – I had only planned on staying until about 2300 but time got away from me.

And now I’m heading to bed, but I’ll leave my tickers with you since I haven’t posted them in a while.

Today’s High: 75
Current: 61

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