Today was a good day!

I was still on CQ this morning.  I actually slept pretty good for a change.  I’m thinking it’s because I finally brought my teddy bear with me.  It sure was nice snuggling with him overnight.  I was up in time to have the building open when I needed to and I spent from then until I got relieved for breakfast chow doing stuff on my computer – chatting with Ryan and other friends, e-mail, etc.  Then breakfast.  And then I spent the rest of the morning stitching.  I got quite a bit done on Time & Season Sampler during my whole shift and I’m happy about that.  After a quick lunch, it was back for a class on NCO Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) given by our First Sergeant.  I actually got something out of it, unlike many of the classes we have.  Then I had some time to go through my e-mails from the past day and take care of some office stuff.  And then was a short Brass Quintet rehearsal.  I actually felt like I knew how to play my horn today!!!  That sure was nice after several days of feeling like I’d never played  trombone before, and it’s something I’ve been doing for over 20 years.

Once we were done with rehearsal, I headed home and got changed into PTs and went for a 2 mile "test" run.  I just wanted to see where I was on the 2 mile – see where I need to go before the PT test on the 17th.  I ran 2 miles (but not the actual 2 mile PT test route) in 18:23, a 9:11 pace.  I need to take a minute off before the 17th, but it’s completely doable!!  And the route I ran today started on rocks/gravel, had 3 small bridges (maybe 20 feet long), but it’s a hill to go over, and there was traffic, and at one point I had to break stride to hop over the curb onto the dirt next to the road because there was so much traffic.  The PT test route, although a road open to traffic, is fairly quiet at 0700 in the morning and it’s pretty much flat.  So given those things, my 18:23 this afternoon could very well have been a 18:10. 

After I got back from my run and I had showered and changed, I headed to dinner with TD and then to go watch  movie (actually watched episodes of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother) and break the "tongues" off can tabs so I can get them ready to send to DG for her daughter’s school.  We got quite a lot done in the couple hours I was there – not too many left to go and they’ll all be done finally.

Now I’m heading to bed so I can get up and go to the gym with the BQ in the morning.

Today’s High:  69
Current:  57

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