Oops – two days again

Hmmm. . .  Yesterday. . . I don’t have a clue what I did in the morning.  I know that in the afternoon I spent almost an hour and a half on my trombone outside in my alternate practice area.  I worked on my Brass Quintet music.  Then I went home and got a few more things ready to mail out – one more box sent home and some Joyful Noez t-shirts to members that have departed.  I was able to chat with Ryan for a little while before heading back for salsa rehearsal from 1830-2000.  I didn’t leave in enough time to get dinner before rehearsal, so I went to Pizza Hut and got a medium veggie lovers pizza for dinner.  That was really good – after a really good rehearsal.  And I even crocheted on a baby blanket for a little bit before bed.

This morning I almost got out the door in enough time for breakfast at the chow hall.  After formation this morning I did stuff in my office.  I went to lunch and ended up sitting by myself again.  I stitched for a little bit after I got back.  We had a reenlistment ceremony at 1300; AA reenlisted for 5 more years.  Then I did some filing and a few other things before heading home for a little while and took a much needed nap – I intended on going for a run, but I sat down to change into PTs and ended up dozing off.  Oops.  Then I headed back to the band hall via the chow hall.  We had another salsa rehearsal.  It went really well.  I had a nice walk/talk home with my friend JS.  Once home, I got laundry from 3 days ago put away, did computer stuff, and crocheted on the baby blanket for a little bit.  I’m heading to bed now.

Today’s High:  71
Current:  61

And I’m finally all caught up on my crunches – and they are doing something!!  I tested myself on 2 minutes of situps after salsa rehearsal this evening, and I did 77 in 2 minutes – one more than I need to get 100% for the PT test!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!


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